Nutrition and Exercise Interactions. What we currently know.

Check out the whole video of the Conference “Nutrition and Exercise Interactions. What we currently know” held at the University of Roehampton on the 13th of December, 2019, and organised by Dr Richard Mackenzie, University of Roehampton and Dr Hannah Moir, Kingston University, London.
Location: Whitelands College, University of Roehampton.

List of Speakers:
-Dr Lewis James, Loughborough University
Title: Hydration and sports performance: What do we really know?
– Dr Laurent Bannock, Institute of Performance Nutrition
Title: Science to Practice: Bridging the gap between what we know
and what is relevant to effective practice?
– Dr Naiman Khan, University of Illinois – Nutritional Neuroscience
Title: Exercise and nutrition effects of cognitive health
– Dr Stephen Bailey, Loughborough University
Title: Insights into the conditions and mechanisms for improved exercise
performance following dietary nitrate supplementation
– Dr Andrew Holwerda, Maastricht University
Title: Exercise and protein to promote active ageing
– Dr Javier Gonzalez, University of Bath
Title: “Breakfast-exercise timing for energy balance and metabolic health: To eat before, or after, you move your feet?”

Short Communication talk:
-Dr Fulvia Draicchio, University of Roehampton
Title: Disruptions to the Extra Cellular Matrix alter phenylalanine
metabolism but not insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscles of
hemodialysis patients.
-Dr Mark Turner, Loughborough University, Coventry University &
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Title: Metabolic and functional effects of fatty acid overload on in
vitro tissue-engineered skeletal muscle.
-Vlad Sabou, University of Exeter
Title: Effect of training intensity and environmental conditions on
the hydration status of elite football players.
-Victoria Newbold, University of Westminster
Title: Pilot Study Investigating the Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate
Supplementation on Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Markers of Intestinal Damage in Healthy Well-Trained Athletes.
-Tom Gurney, Kingston University London
Title: Algae: Bridging the gap between clinical nutritional interactions and the efficacy in its ergogenic aid capabilities